Qadr:The Game Of Destiny✔

Qadr:The Game Of Destiny✔

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Hafsatu Mohammed Rahama By Haphsertuh Completed

"So uhmm Hafsah you'll be 15 next month, soon going to ss2, you're still a minor, we never planned on telling you anything now but as you see we are under alot of pressure. I hope you understand our plight, please you have to listen attentively and try not to pull one of your mischievious pranks and making jokes out of every situation okay?". Abbu paused and smiled at her.

"Insha Allah". She quietly muttered.

"You see i and your mom took a very drastic decision regarding your life years ago. Way before you were born, infact we weren't even certain you were ever gonna be born at that time. I promise you everything we did was for your own good, you and your sisters. I hope you'll consider". He paused again.

"What exactly are you talking about?".

"Well you know that alliance stuff we spoke about the other day between you and Umar?".

"Ofcourse i remember your hilarious prank".

"Well every inch of that conversation was really true. Umar is the man destined to be your better half insha Allah".

"Wow! Round of applause for Abbu, infact you deserve a standing ovation. Can't believe you've finally become so perfect in acting. By God it was so real".

"Silence young lady! Nobody is joking here, open your ears and listen to your father attentively". Mamii curtly said.

Ever imagined yourself forced into an arranged marriage at a tender age of 15?

She was still young, wild and free. He was more matured, calm amd reserved than her.
He was her favourite yaya, she was always happy to see him but then what went wrong? .... what made love swivel to hatred?
Join me in this intriguing, heartrending story about pain, sacrifice, virtue, hatred, compromise, an arranged marriage!

The game destiny plays with us.....

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Nyc piece may Allah SWT increase your knowledge and elevate your status.