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Unexpected Love || Harry Styles Punk

Unexpected Love || Harry Styles Punk

1.7M Reads 40.8K Votes 76 Part Story
명쾌함 By clarity- Completed

Meredith's perfect life turned upside down after her parents death meaning she had to move in with her older brother and his wife. She had to start all over leaving everything behind. Starting a new school for her last year in high school has to be torture but after bumping into the town's bad boy everything piles up. Will something unexpected happen with the kind of person that she promised not to get involved with?  (WARNING: This story concludes explicit language and very detailed sexual scenes!)

Graciegrlrdwryr Graciegrlrdwryr 6 days ago
I have an average butt and slightly above average boobs so it's like they could be better but I'll settle for what I have. Does that make sense? Lol
MargoWest MargoWest Jan 29
I read that - dany is dany. El is el. Nialler is nialler. Idk why
That ain't that long. My cousin's hair is up to her lower back!