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Sissa By SissaRomanova Updated a year ago
His task was simple: to protect the children of a wealthy politician from a possible attack by a Mafia big shot and investigate the link between both of them. But when Brendon Sullivan has to deal with the man’s impetuous daughter, Eleanor Lightman, he finds himself trapped in her world; a world of gambling, secrets and temptation. The young woman’s life is in danger, and Brendon finds out he would rather lose everything – his job at NSA, his easy lifestyle and even his own life – than let anything happen to Eleanor.
You did really well on this book! I couldn't stop reading it! You are a gifted writer, I'm reading Micheal 2.0next
@SissaRomanova Ah, yeah, that sounds more like what I'm used to :)
Two months off for Christmas? I need to go to a school with that kind of schedule!
Such great start! I can see that this story is going to have romance as well as drama. Nice work!
Loved it... and oh she did watch the bodyguard and i think something like that is gonna happen
There are some grammatical errors but the whole story is GOOD! :D 
                                    Thanks for dedicating this story to me! :))