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The Magi Of Time And Space

The Magi Of Time And Space

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Sakura108645 By SakuraGarcia8 Updated a day ago

Arc 1: Beginning
    Lia was a Normal otaku. 15 years ago she was in a accident and was in a comatose state for 11 months. When she woke up, for some reason she was crying. Around her neck was amethyst necklace. She never found who gave it to her. 15 years have now passed and she is 24. She lives alone with her younger sister Isabel. One day Lia trys to commit suicide, back she falls into the world of Magi. Will she still stay trapped in her past or move forward? 
      Arc Two of The Magi of Time and Space. 
    The battle against the Medium Continues and the final chapter of Lia's life and her friends begins. But there are dark shadows that stayed hidden in the darkness coming back and secrets that were never ment to be revealed will be released. The Dark Past that has been hidden will now be revealed. Lia is also suspecting that Sinbad is hiding something from her. Suzuki wants to tell her but something or someone is preventing her from finding out the truth. And if any cost...
    A dark era begins......
      Just to let you know, there will be several OC of mine. The main character, Lia has a past with Sinbad.
      (Sinbad X Oc)

omfg i just realized... what if the "other worlds" are also other anime woRL—OH MAH GAWD
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plot twist; she actually is HIS(ya guys know who) child, and aladdin is ACTUALLY her bro
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