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The boy you knew is gone (Amourshipping)

The boy you knew is gone (Amourshipping)

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Crossfire By Pokegirllane Updated Jul 15

When Ash Ketchum loses the Kalos league to Alain and his charizard that was the last straw for his family and friends, he was betray but only one by no choice.
So Ash ran way wanting to prove them wrong but now Ash is left homeless, tired, starving and when there a accident he was found by team rocket (jessie, James, meowth)who took care of him and they soon offer to join them. Ash denied but what will happen once he meets team Rocket boss Giovanni? And what adventure is stored for Ash? Friend? Enemies? Rival? Father?! Brother?! Secret to find out about the true. 
Find out in 
"The boy you knew is gone"

[{Does it look like I own Pokémon, NO}]

What I I about to say I everyone from all the regions beside Sernea thinks your a loser
At the end of the story my jaw dropped. I'm like serena you slut
The true names are Indigo Conference (Kanto), Silver Conference (Johto), (I think Hoenn is Lily of the Valley but that could be Sinnoh), Vertress Conference (Unova) and Lumiose Conference (Kalos)
I'll never be the very best, like everybody was I can't catch any of them they don't want to be trained 😭
Clutch356 Clutch356 5 days ago
Great book, could use some grammar corrections, but still great.
Meiyla Meiyla Jun 25
I started singing the XY opening when j saw the words "very best" lol, I'm obsessed with Pokemon