Fifty Shades of Michaelis //Sebastian X Reader//

Fifty Shades of Michaelis //Sebastian X Reader//

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ᏟᏞᎪᏌᎠᎬ By xXClaude-FaustusXx Updated Nov 24

There will be smut/lemon. And of course it is a Sebastian X Demon Reader.

"It's hard, yes?!" 

//that's what she said O-o//

"How are we supposed to capture an image of them if they keep moving so fast?!" Bardroy spoke. 


It was Sebastian's break time, however you still helped him with chores around the estate.

"Let's go outside shall we Kitten?" He spoke whilst taking your hand in his. 

You giggled nodding. Both of you stopped by the staircase to notice a certain demon hound soundly sleeping.

Bunny8292 Bunny8292 2 days ago
*nose bleed* can't take so much in!*falls to knees* GAHH CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE HE'S SO HOT
xXsaberXxx xXsaberXxx 2 days ago
OMG! I just watched this episode 10 minutes ago. What the Flip? Why... Wha... Huh?