My Brothers Best Friend Is My Mate

My Brothers Best Friend Is My Mate

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Sheawanda By absaremybitch Updated Dec 10, 2016

17 year old Ashley Greening lives a very complicated  life. Her mother AKA Luna died from a rogue attack when she was younger. She has a bitchy, slutty, step-mom and ignorant father. She was bullied and her only friends are her 2 protective older brothers and twin. 

Ashlen thinks that this is the most complicated it could get. She was wrong. A lot more things happen, and she soon discovers her oldest brothers best friend is her mate. So how will her older brother react when he finds out? 

Will they keep it a secret?

What happens when she finds out that her and Jai aren't the only ones hiding things....

Read to find out!

lmao sorry for the bad description. This is my first ever story so please bare with me! l promise the chapters will get interesting. 

All Rights Reserved!!!!!!

absaremybitch absaremybitch Nov 11, 2016
I just put someone in their place. Lmao i suggest you take my advice. It's quite upsetting if you ask me... @saintlucia
absaremybitch absaremybitch Nov 11, 2016
@saintlucia I have some advice🤗 Before you criticize someone else's books.  You should try writing one yourself. 
                              Btw this is my first book, i'm sure yours would be boring too if you actually wrote one.