humanoid // nct ten chittaphon

humanoid // nct ten chittaphon

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jinji By asiandonut Updated 3 days ago

"We present to you our new batch of our newly innovated project, the humanoid!" the leader of our neighborhood said as they presented their new invention to us. We stand in awe as they presented a thousand human lined up on the stage.

"These humanoids will help our community by helping you through your daily activities, these humanoids will always be at your service" she, the leader said once more.

"Bullshit" I whispered through my breath. Did they really think that people would easily give up their money just for this? I looked around me and saw the people gaped their mouth in awe. Damn they are really brainwashed by her.

Every year the "innovators" of our neighborhood would always release a new batch of humanoids to purposely help people. But every year there would always be complains about the humanoids however people would still buy them.

I looked at my mom and saw her eyes sparkle and her mouth folding upwards. Oh god, I hope she won't buy one, it's gonna be a total waste of m...

anti-fan anti-fan Aug 14
btw, where can i buy a lee taeyong humanoid? gosH I WANT ONE
woojaewoo woojaewoo Oct 06
I would be in a nightmare if I have that humanoid greeting me but meh I still want it anyway oooo