Baddies m.d l.d

Baddies m.d l.d

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I guess you could say this is like any other Marcus and Lucas book. - but it isn't, trust me on that one. 

Strange things happen in new places and Sehan's new in town, something doesn't seem right because her new  friends Marcus and Lucas are hiding a very big secret from her, she's going to stop at nothing to find out. 

But let's cut the seriousness and talk about something more fun;  youtubers, pranks, trips, adventures and a lot of laughter, you'll feel different emotions through different chapters and you'll love it and crave for more. 

So relax, get comfortable in a warm bed or anywhere you're happy and get ready for a crazy roller coaster. 

Read this book with love and care, drink hot cocoa or tea or anything while Sehan, someone who is very relatable shares her story with you. 

This book can be your go-to when you're having a bad day, Sehan's, Marcus's, Lucas's and everyone else's humor will make you laugh until you're clapping your hands like a seal and out of breathe, they'll make you ugly cry and feel pain you've never experienced before, but most of all, this book can be your happy place.

Will there be love? Who knows? - oh that's right, I do! But you'll have to wait and see, so get on board and join me.

Ps. This book is being written by a teenage girl who loves writing and reading, and loves you all
"Don't you fucking understand!? If you leave then how the hell am I supposed to function!?" I cry out in pain, this was all a nightmare, it had to be. 

"We're sorry." They both mumble at the same time, hardly audible for me to even hear, I was used to them being so in sync with each other, after all, they were my best friends. 

"We all made the mistake of getting attached to one and other for happiness. I depended on you guys for everything I didn't realize how much you truly meant to me until now." I tell them honestly, 

"We have to go." They say in sync, yet again. 

And that ladies and gentlemen is how my heart was left broke

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