My Only Weakness (Moriarty X Reader)

My Only Weakness (Moriarty X Reader)

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Jim Moriarty. Hiiiii~ By ToxicMagic Updated 7 days ago

Because of a horrible cheating ex you had blocked out love and avoided relationships until the day you met Jim Moriarty. You had been walking back to your flat when you bumped into him first. You didn't know it at the time but he was dangerous, although it wasn't long before you learned that for yourself.

Would this make you run to him or away from him?

This is my first fanfic so constructive criticism is happily welcome. Hopefully you enjoy the story!

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Well at least I know when I go to hell I'll get a throne! 😍😉😉
So back when he wouldn't let go of my waist was cuz he was just trying to figure out my dress size huh
And that, Sweetie, is how the three drunk guys went on your daddy's hit list!
Awwe, I've known you for like a few days and your all ready killing for me ... How sweet!
Mama I'm in love with a criminal. And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical.
Wow okay I suck. I can't send you a message with this account because I need to change my email but I forgot my password.. we will have to talk tomorrow when I have my phone back