Reason Number Three

Reason Number Three

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A Simon Minter "Criminal" AU:

"You cannot get close to people in this profession, (Y/N), and I am truly sorry I led you to believe you could. Loving me... it will get you killed."

"Tell me how you really feel, Simon Minter."

On November 17th, during a trip to the bar, (Y/N) was led astray. Believing that the man in the alley needed help, (Y/N) approached. From then on, nothing was the same.

(Y/N) was captured, and there is only three reasons she is still alive.

Disclaimer: This contains cursing, innuendos, and violence. Read with caution.

Note: You do not have to be a fan of the Sidemen to enjoy this story.

Credits to @Ms_Book_Worm for making me this beautiful cover.

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