Lost Silver: Origin

Lost Silver: Origin

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Liuwoods23 By Liuwoods23 Updated Sep 05, 2013

By: Liuwoods23

I was just a 10-year-old kid, my name, Ethan, but everyone called me Gold because my eyes were unusually a yellow-gold color. But now... They don't call me anything, though I call myself... Lost Silver...

Chapter one: Gold, meet Silver...

I had Just received my Pokemon, a cute little cyndaquil I named "Hurry". He was the cutest little Pokemon I had ever seen. I was on my way back to professor Elm's lab to drop off an egg, but I suddenly bumped into a red-haired boy, his hair was also really long, and he was wearing a leather jacket, "Sorry!" I told him, he growled then looked down at Hurry, "you got a Pokemon too?" he asked, I didn't understand at first, he didn't have a Pokemon next to him, "you just don't get it, I too have a Pokemon! I'll show you!" he yelled and challenged me to a battle. That was only the beginning..

Chapter two: The battle

He sent out a Totadile, it was only level 5, Hurry was level 7, this guy was going down! we fought for a little while and...