exposing armys! 負版本

exposing armys! 負版本

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galaxycat26 galaxycat26 2 days ago
OPPAR. well if you're dumb enough to cut yourself for a person, you deserve all your scars.
Yup. That would be 'dope ' lolz see wat o did there.. I'm sorry I'll stop. Hehehhe
galaxycat26 galaxycat26 2 days ago
cut yourself some cookies. not fuken cut your wrists for kookie cuz that is disgusting and batshit crazy
http-livv http-livv 2 days ago
I'm still an army. I just love bangtan way too much (I do agree, I hate the fandom tho)
galaxycat26 galaxycat26 2 days ago
you deserve to be cut since you are stupid enough to cut urself for someone who will never remember you
I think every fandom is like this tbh. I've realized that the 1D fandom really doesn't get along, there are a lot of fights between us more than the boys. And now, I'm figuring this out. I'm new to this group