It Started With Romeo [Larry Stylinson AU]

It Started With Romeo [Larry Stylinson AU]

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shy babies By Larry_Lashton Completed

Harry is a sweet boy in a new town with a pregnant cat, secret kinks, a hatred for his rude neighbor and a stubborn attitude that leads him to a lot of drama.


the one where Louis' cat gets Harry's cat pregnant and there's some daddy kink in there.

(also posted on ao3)

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LarryDidThat LarryDidThat Aug 11, 2017
HarrehTheFrog HarrehTheFrog Dec 28, 2017
My question is why is his cat outside and not spayed anyway? Like, no
okayluek okayluek Aug 05, 2017
ok i seriously need to make an account is it easy on ao3 like is it just email eejahuaia
larrywrappedinhome larrywrappedinhome Dec 12, 2017
This is deadass my fifth time rereading this, I love it with a passion
kattisnotinlove kattisnotinlove Dec 28, 2017
AND THIS LADIES AND GENTLE MEN... IS HARRY STYLES *everybody starts clapping and cheering*
HarrehTheFrog HarrehTheFrog Dec 28, 2017
Why does he assume it’s go harry? It could be for a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. I mean, obviously it’s for Harry here but like if someone else ordered it would he still assume. NEVER ASSUME GENDERS OR SEXUALITIES