It Started With Romeo [Larry Stylinson AU]

It Started With Romeo [Larry Stylinson AU]

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baby ash By Larry_Lashton Completed

Harry is a sweet boy in a new town with a pregnant cat, secret kinks, a hatred for his rude neighbor and a stubborn attitude that leads him to a lot of drama.


the one where Louis' cat gets Harry's cat pregnant and there's some daddy kink in there.

(also posted on ao3)

This is the only place I get kinky on cause my actual love life is shít
Haid33 Haid33 Sep 23
I read this louis gets harry's cat pregnant and had to reread 10 times
sybelle96 sybelle96 Nov 26
He should buy a dildo and have it arrived on his yard so when louis opens it ;)
Harry will ditch you for the pink dildo in a matter of seconds so watch ur attitude
Harryslit Harryslit Nov 25
I cringe when girls my age say daddy to their dads like stfu I didn't know you sucked dick again
Harryslit Harryslit Nov 25
My dog shíts bricks and shakes like a earthquake went off in her asś. She gets really bad anxiety and can't even stand when water touches her