Discontinued: DanceTale Sans X Reader

Discontinued: DanceTale Sans X Reader

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AaaaaaAAaaaAAAAA By CastleOfTrash Updated Apr 03

If you're looking to read this then there might be no point cus there's no ending.

You are y/n. You're an 18 year old girl living on the surface. Years ago you lost your best friend, along with your love for ballet. However, things can change  right? When you feel like all hope is lost, someone special comes to help you, and brings along many new friends, one of them, even being possibly more than a friend.

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Cover art belongs to purikins on Deviantart.

Undertale and its characters belong to Toby Fox.

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DanielleCutie41 DanielleCutie41 Nov 08, 2017
I do hip hop 
                              *kneels on one foot and dies jazz hands* 
                              *slips and falls right in the face
HiddenFandoms HiddenFandoms Nov 23, 2017
Nah but seriously it's stupid to limit people to three comments because people may want to express their opinion of this book. And it might help you with your writing in the future. If you're worried about your device blowing up with notifications, then them off for Wattpad
x_Lynx x_Lynx Dec 21, 2017
Well, if monster kid is older than me... He ain't no kid
                              Almost there
                              One more
Oh no. I think I broke my sister. (She is like the female Papy she read this and almost cried) 1 comment down 😊
DanielleCutie41 DanielleCutie41 Nov 08, 2017
People! Stop disrespecting the author! If they want some peace and quiet just let them be! Don’t be idiots and comment more than three times on purpose! Ok I’m done. 
                              (Also I’m rereading it because I’m in love with it)
x_Lynx x_Lynx Dec 21, 2017
I dont 'LOVE' it
                              Veggie Gammer: IIIIIIF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN