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Wardah.🌸 By MidnightWhisperer Updated Jan 27

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Maahirah Furqaan; a seventeen year old teen. On her way to the senior year. She just wanted to graduate from Winters Academy with flying colors and get into great college...

Aayan Aslam; a teenage sensation, a popstar...comes into Winter Academy, as a transfer student. He is handsome yet mysterious.

The moment he walks into Maahirah's life...she finds herself in a tornado of secrets. Her long dead birthmother isn't really dead and she is living in Elton; a place far off.

Will Maahirah survive coz she is the key to everything!? Will Aayan protect her in Elton after their marriage?
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HijabiMuslim101 HijabiMuslim101 Apr 24, 2017
Same. My school has different buildings for different classes but English and science department are in the same corridor.
HijabiMuslim101 HijabiMuslim101 Apr 24, 2017
My younger sister does that. Normally she'd find candy or chocolate.
iff_raah iff_raah Jul 15, 2017
This Story...I Can't Wait To The Day Your Chapters Becomes The Book And Finally Published! Like Seriously! *I AM IMPRESSED* & The Glimpses I See In That...And Its Kind Of Exciting To Be Friends With Future Author Of The Upcoming Book.  Can't Wait To Read More. More Power To You! You Go Girl! 🌸
HijabiMuslim101 HijabiMuslim101 Apr 24, 2017
We have to wear blazers even in the summer. Ha English schools.😧
stormy-flare stormy-flare Dec 09, 2016
This book is so good sis!!!! I just had to read it again!!! 💜💜💖💖💗💗
Jannah_Firdausi Jannah_Firdausi Aug 15, 2015
MasyaAllah, the first chapter had give me a good glimpse when reading your story sis ! I can imagine when I go through the next chapter it will turn more exciting and wonderful ! InSyaaAllah...keep it up sis :')