Fangs and sparkles

Fangs and sparkles

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Heir_of_time By Fabulous-fangirl Updated Apr 23, 2017

Percy jackson, Twilight crossover! (I don't own nether!)

Nico di Angelo has just moved into a new town called Jupiter. Ridiculous name and ridiculous people. But he guesses he's ridiculous as well for falling in love with a sparkling Vampire.....oh gods could this get weirder.

Percy Jackson as hotter and less creepie Edward Collen. 
Nico di Angelo as prettier and more capable Bella Swan.
Jason Grace as less whiny Jacob Black.
Posaidon as more positive Carlisle Cullen.
Akio (male oc) as a bit more developed Esme Cullen.
Hazel Levesque as less horofaing Alice collen.
Grover as a random collen.
Annabeth Chase as a random collen.
Frank zhang as a random Collen. 
Piper McLean as a random werewolf.
Drew Tanaka as a random werewolf.
Mitchell as a random werewolf. 
Will Solace as hotter and less 'she owns me this relationship' Mike Newton.
Leo Valdez as cooler Jessica Stanley.
Kronos as Aro.
Ethan as a random Volturi.
Luke Castellan as a random Volturi.
Octeven as a random Volturi.


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rainbowsilverpuzzle rainbowsilverpuzzle Aug 23, 2016
Omgs, Apollo... Love struck much😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏