Strip club ( lemon )  Underfell Sans X reader

Strip club ( lemon ) Underfell Sans X reader

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lemon-chan1975 By lemon-chan1975 Updated Sep 30

Underfell Sans X reader lemon. MATURE CONTENT

LilyNekoMichaelis LilyNekoMichaelis 2 days ago
This some what fits my life because my friends call me......stripper😥😰😰😥😰😥😰😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😥😰
BerniceLao0 BerniceLao0 Nov 18
Fc: black
                              Yn: Aoi
                              Ymn: Sakura
                              Yln: ootori
                              Ff: ramen
                              Ct: ferrari
                              Type of pet : dog
                              Pet  name: choco
Craygurl78 Craygurl78 4 days ago
                              When im depressed i laugh at myself
                              Im really werid and dark lel
Am I gonna seriously going to be reading this just because I'm bored?
If this were a bocaloid their name would be neru flipping akita