Learning The Hard Way

Learning The Hard Way

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Alexander Matthews is a teenage boy at 15 years. He lives with his mother Allison and his father Justin left them when he was 7 years old. Allison juggles 3 waitress jobs and  being a good mother for Alexander. Alexander went down the wrong path during the time his father Justin left and his mother Allison was to busy working trying to pay bills. Now he goes to parties, gets high and drunk and he has a criminal record.

Nathaniel Henderson is a man at 22 years. He is a lawyer and lives on his own. He is a very strict man who believes in corporeal punishment. 

While growing up he was spanked for all his wrong doings. He was spanked untill the day he moved out, his father Jerry always said your never to old for a spanking. His mother Teresa was Allison's best friend.

Ons day Teresa and Allison catch up and Teresa finds out about the problem she has with her son. What happens when Teresa offers her son's help in order to get Alexander back in line. 

                             Will Allison accept or deny the offer?

Caution: this story has corporeal punishment and minor swearing

LazyLady2020 LazyLady2020 Nov 04, 2016
that boy needs a old fashioned spanking on is bare butt to teach him a lessoning  to. Put I love the story very much please update soon has you can.