The rouge is mated to the alpha King

The rouge is mated to the alpha King

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It's me By boogerboo1 Updated Nov 16, 2016

Carter Jay black is feisty confident and a prankster she is also loving caring and protective of her family and she has been a rouge sense the age of 10 she is now 18... Her and her twin brother have been traveling through different packs causing chaos to those they want along with there two best friends blade and Alexander.  Carter also known as CJ to her friends and brother she loves and adores fighting she can take down a professionally trained alpha well of course thanks to the help of her alpha genes. 

Blake Jay Moon he is sarcastic at time loving overly confident and for sure possessive and protective of what's his. He has wanted a mate for some time now. Yet he still hasn't found the one his mother tried putting him together with her best friends daughter who is his eyes is a complete slut. He is the next alpha King and rouges have been a issue for him latley.

Also sorry about it but I'm not gonna edit it that much till after I finished it. It's not bad right now cause I edit the little things but I'll work harder on editing soon.

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