Trouvaille [a Ballison Story]

Trouvaille [a Ballison Story]

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Sav 💫 By savwritesokay Updated Feb 20, 2017

"Who are you?" Allison asked the masked man in the red suit standing in front of her. 

"They call me the Flash." He replied. 

Allison had heard of the Flash. She had read many articles and blogs about him. But she had never seen him in person, let alone talk to him face to face. 

"Barry Allen," she finally brought herself to say, shocking Barry, "what are you doing in Beacon Hills?"

"I'm looking for someone." He paused, taking a few steps closer to her, and removed his mask. "How do you know who I am?"

Many attractive guys have crossed paths with Allison Argent in her lifetime. But none of them compared to Barry Allen. 

He had soft, gentle, brown eyes, brown hair that stood up, and a tiny freckle on his left cheekbone. 

After a silence that occurred for too long, Allison finally said:

"My mom's brother." She paused, trying not to let her emotions show. "After my mother died, he moved to Central City and I hadn't seen him in a long time. Then he finally came back a couple weeks ago."

Allison hadn't noticed how close Barry was to her until she looked up at him and his face was right near hers. 

"Who is your mom's brother?" He asked, wondering how he could've known Barry was the Flash. 

"Harrison Wells."

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