Super Geek (A Camren Fanfic)

Super Geek (A Camren Fanfic)

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:): By jaureguiblahh Updated Jul 25, 2017

Confident Nerd Lauren wants stuck-up Cheerio Camila, but Camila repeatedly rejects her dorky attempts to woo her... Until Chloe arrives at Miami High School and seems to upstage Camila, in every way, especially when it comes to getting Lauren's attention.


This story isn't mine. I don't own any of this. I just converted it into a Camren version. All credit goes to loveisforlovelies on

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......that can’t be what I think it is and if it is then why tf would you say “oh kryptonite” after??? 😂
Stacy_mora1 Stacy_mora1 Dec 02, 2017
Oh so she wants Lauren to give her attention and affection but only to her and no one else got it
I wear Superman stuff on the regs but I never get bītçhès wtf
LernDaddyAf LernDaddyAf Sep 12, 2017
Ok real quick, I'm 99% sure that most of that was not translated correctly... I speak portuguese and it's pretty simular to spanish in most words so...