Bloodshed ✖Suicide Squad✖ (Needs To Be Edited)

Bloodshed ✖Suicide Squad✖ (Needs To Be Edited)

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xemo.pandax By xemo_pandax Updated Jul 04

What if there was another member to the Suicide Squad? What if she was the most dangerous person in the world? She killed over 3000 people, innocent or criminals. She did not care, for she lost her sanity....Bloodshed, that is what people called her because of how many she killed. She was once a happy girl full of hope, but that girl was killed and now she's in Belle Reve. She's been there since she was 15, five years since the Justice League had brought her in. She was supposed to have life in Belle Reve until Amanda Walker came.


I don't own Suicide Squad!!! I only own Bloodshed! I also have not seen the movie so I will be going by the trailers and I might do my own chapters.

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Y she gotta be so old like make her in her 20 or something she way to old bruh
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I like your top 💕💕💕💖💖💖👕👖💄💄💎💍💎💍👙👙👙
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im trying to find one where the person doesnt have powers sighs
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I'm reading this while hearing  Rebecca's voice, is that weird?
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I'm like this is gonna be like-OH MY GOD SHADOW MANIPULATION AAaAaHhHhhhH!!! Yes yes yes yes yes
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i'm sorry but genuinely thought that American ASL meant American Age Sex Location 😂😂😂