Captain Hook

Captain Hook

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Jenni James By JenniJames Completed

Lifting a curse might lead to love . . . 

Captain Hook wants to break the enchantment of Neverland so badly, he'll do anything to leave, including summoning the witch who placed the curse upon him to begin with. But when he accidentally brings her great-great-granddaughter, Yvette Novalie, to Neverland instead, things become more than he bargained for. 

The fiery chit is everything Hook has ever wanted in a woman. However, Yvette has many reasons to hate the pompous captain and is determined to see that he remains in Neverland forever. She has heard plenty of tales of his horribleness to her ancestors and wants nothing to do with him. Besides, she most certainly is not a witch, and has no notion of how to release senseless fiends from the spell.

With only three days to woo the lady and go home to London, Hook is eager to let the games begin-or should we say, may the best scamp win?

Note: Captain Hook is part 3 of 3 of the Neverland trio within the Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection. Part 1 is Peter Pan. Part 2 is Return to Neverland.

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PersonalFries PersonalFries Mar 22, 2017
the biggest coincidence is that this popped up in my suggestions on my homepage as I was waiting for us to start our school's Peter Pan musical. We're opening our very first show as I type
RabiaRehman20 RabiaRehman20 Jul 04, 2017
im liking her already for breaking the stereotypical role... XD...
RabiaRehman20 RabiaRehman20 Jul 04, 2017
^^ apt description... i laughed so hard at the "he was one of those men." X'D
RabiaRehman20 RabiaRehman20 Jul 04, 2017
i like it, you dived right into it. seems a little sudden but don't dislike it, this would be one of the few reads that would make me find myself thinking  about it
JEHallows JEHallows Sep 23, 2016
A far as first chapters go, this was beyond my expectations :-D A delightful jaunty narrative that reads very much like a traditional fairytale.
maymayers maymayers Feb 20, 2017
Before I start reading, I just wanted to say it's quite nice to have a leading character with the same name. I to am named Yvette . I never see my name anywhere, it's refreshing! Sorry for ranting a bit, let the reading begin.