It's For Me to Know, and You to Find Out

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Gabby Rener By Blueberrytheawesome Updated 3 years ago
Madeline Truth is not normal; all of her family is a successful vampire hunters except her.  On a night when her parents are away, a vampire clan attacks and she is changed.  Her life is turned upside down but not quite in the bad way she expected.  The vampires are different than she thought: they're kind and soak up sun, not drink blood.  But even the surprise doesn't stop there.  She finds that she is now the queen of the clan and is trying to be killed.  Her parents hate vampires; what is she going to do?
Good story with an awesome vocabulary! I'll vote for you in the Watty awards!
                                    dude its called 'The vampire Douche!' an dude i'd really apriciate it if u read it:) thnx:)
I love the story idea and the way you write. It seems to flow very nicely but could use a bit more detail in some areas. Otherwise everything else is wonderful! I usually hate vampire stories but this seems a bit different then the norm. Keep up the good work :)
                                    oh thts kwl:) oh wud u mind readin my stry its kinda a comedy vampire fing:) an no probz:)
dude ths was awesome:) an ma mate tld me 2 read ths its soo gd soo wens the nxt upload?:)
really good, like your style of writing, only maybe try writing with more detail in some parts x