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I used to be so happy with him. Just the thought of him used to bring a smile to my face. I loved him with more than my being. He was there for me as I was for him. My trust for him had never wavered. Until that solemn day. 

The day he ruined my life. I came to lose my trust completely. He betrayed me by making me the thing I disliked the most. By making me my own enemy. By making me a monster. 

I was made a disgrace to my family and friends- to everyone who had known me. My heart had shattered that very day. I knew that I would no longer feel at home there. 

So I left. Left my broken heart behind and created a new one. I changed who I was completely. I was stronger now. Better. I was indestructible and I used that to my advantage. 

I kept my emotions locked in a cage. So that no one could use me again. Love is a weakness- and for me it is a risk I was not willing to take anymore. 

He broke me and now, I will break him. 

Piece. . . by piece.

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