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Awaken → Niam Horayne

Awaken → Niam Horayne

8.7K Reads 879 Votes 11 Part Story
Ann and Erin :) By -ohnoNiall Completed


Niall is a psychiatrist who is called in to a mental hospital to help a patient by the name of Liam Payne, who takes a liking to the blond. And that isn't a good thing. 

❝Be careful fighting someone else's demons, doll - it may awaken your own.❞

{started 8. 25. 16} {finished 10. 12. 16} 

© 2016 -ohnoNiall

ooFanfavoriteoo ooFanfavoriteoo Aug 24, 2016
No idea how he got out and I think zayn and liam might be connected but I'm not to sure yet so I'll just have to wait and see
Zayn went the opposite direction then they did 😏
                              I regret nothing 😂😂
-NiamsDirection- -NiamsDirection- Aug 29, 2016
Praying to god that the person wasn't an important person haha. And also hoping no Nouis/Ziall. K thanks and also no Narry or I will yeet fast fam 😂 What would be hot though is dark!niam cos yes. Sexy, scary niam being all hot and shiz. Ugh perfect. Loved this and Ily.
ooFanfavoriteoo ooFanfavoriteoo Aug 29, 2016
Also I'm not sure if it is right but could liam have multiply personalities.
chastityreso chastityreso Aug 24, 2016
Oh my God this sounds amazing. I need more because this is really different and I'm super excited to see you take it further.
lamedelaney lamedelaney Aug 24, 2016
i don't mean to be that one person who points out every mistake one makes, but it really confused me how you went from third person to first person. and i don't know if you meant to do that or didn't even know? so i just thought i should let you know ...