My High School Life [Paperback/ebook Fall 2015]

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Angel By angellover254 Completed
[Being rewritten. New chapters being updated!] *Will be published by Summit Media*
    Old Summary: Meet Isabella Ace, a 300 pound girl who was voted the 'ugliest girl' at Woodway Prep; a school for the rich. Sick of all the bullies, mostly Thomas Reed, she decided to change. 
    Eight months later she's back, better than ever, and ready for revenge. 
    Throw in a teasing jock, a jealous cheerleader, a goth best friend, a childhood best friend, a hot trainer, and an overprotective brother. What do you get? Craziness!! 
    And what's this about a forgotten past?
    Cover by @cloverism from Lucky Halo Graphics
This makes me sad cause I'm fat and I wear glasses so it's just like a struggle :(
Humph.. Not my mom, we usually just joke around about my fat and it don't phase me cause she fat too
don't listen to wat the world has to offer. follow ur hart and reach for the stars. that rite there is a quote I made up and should be known all around the world. don't u think?
I'm 14, 5'6 and weigh 170 sum thing. I don't give two flipping shits about it anymore.
I'd be like: "DON'T HATE ME CAUSE I'M BEAUTIFUL! " And then run up the stairs screaming
                                    Did anyone get the reference? ?
2 minutes ago I was watching a glee episode that talked about this you're perfect that way you are the only person that deciedes you're not worth it is *drum roll plz*