My High School Life [Rewritten]

My High School Life [Rewritten]

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Angel By angellover254 Updated 3 days ago

(The first installment in the 'My Life' series.)

"Whoever said, 'the more you lie, the easier it gets' was wrong. It doesn't get easier. It gets harder. Because sooner or later, the lies will suffocate you until you're just an empty shell waiting to die. I should know. I'm already halfway there." - Isabella 

Meet Isabella Ace, a 250 pound girl who was voted the 'ugliest girl' by her peers at Woodway Prep--a school for the rich. Sick of all the bullies, mostly Thomas Reed--the arrogant airhead and all around douchebag, she decided enough was enough. 
One year later, she's back, better than ever, and ready for revenge. 
But with a guilty conscience, and a mysterious past waiting to be discovered, Isabella's life just got a whole lot harder.
  *Watty 2012 Special Award Winner: Big Screen Adaptation* 
  *Published by Summit Media: Pop Fiction 1/1/16 (international author)*
  *#1 Teen Fiction (4/8) (4/26) (6/25) (6/29) (7/5) (7/23) (7/27) (8/16)
  (8/21) (8/23) (8/29) (9/7) (10/13) (10/19 - 10/28)*

I bought the other one the blue cover and Izzy and Thomas hugging....and it's amazing😍😍😍😍
I hate that they used my nickname (Isa) for this insult like fvck off (no hate to the author I honestly love the story so far)
Kitzune701 Kitzune701 Jun 25
If his last name is Stone it's gonna take awhile for me to not hate him.
I'm not even gonna say that I'm ugly because we r all beautiful and we just need to learn to accept ourselves.
                              You shouldn't need anyone to tell u anything ,
                              You cute af😂❤️
so this book was one of the first I read on Wattpad and I joined like three years ago, and every year I come back to reread it and it just gets better and better
Oh and btw what did people think when they saw me ? : "Damn, she's ugly" and what did I think when I saw myself ? " Damn, I'm ugly"