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34naenae By 34naenae Updated Sep 13, 2017

Thursday, 5:00am

Mina Zhans 💕

"Get cho black ass up & get ready !." I knew that voice all to well." I ain't got all day now, Ima be late fucking with ya ugly ass. Get up now Mina!" My Aunt Vora yelled while slamming the door shut on her way out.

Getting up before she comes back In here bickering about how lazy I am, how black I am, or how I'm a disgrace to this world & don't know how she got herself in the mix of taking care of somebody's else's child, i headed over to my closet laying out my outfit for the day.
My closet didn't really have a lot of clothes & the clothes I have aren't bright mostly neutral or black. As you can see I don't really like wearing bright colors because of my skin and being bashed Day-in & out on how black I am I don't have as much confidence.

Skimming through my closet I settled on black fleece jogger pants that made the small medium sized butt I have poke out more, a black long sleeve crop top, & a oversized black bomber jacket.

Grabbing my washclot...

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BabyJay4l BabyJay4l Dec 07, 2017
Bitch the onlything thats dusty is you and breathe and you tied up lace front 😒🤪😭🤨😂🖕🏽🖕🏽
PrettayBae PrettayBae Jun 15, 2017
Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice baby girl don't let nobody tell you that you're not beautiful be proud of your skin color 💯😌
Rudolove06 Rudolove06 Feb 26
Black complexions, especially dark, and bright colours together are a popping combination. Facts.
AfroAnn AfroAnn Jul 05, 2017
It kinda makes me sad. Most bwwm or books with black love have people who are of lighter skin tone or if the girl is darkskin she's ridiculed, called ugly, or has low confidence or something isn't right in her life. Why? I'm sure this will be good so I'll go ahead and keep on, but dang every time.
BrownieBrown34 BrownieBrown34 Apr 02, 2017
Tunnel Vision is my song! They dont wanna see you winninggg, They wanna see you in the penitentiaryyy 😂
minahbihhh minahbihhh Apr 29, 2017
Kodak is ok I wouldn't call his music "good music" but it's not that bad