shes a he?! ❀ haikyuu various x reader

shes a he?! ❀ haikyuu various x reader

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ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ By tsuki-dayo Updated Apr 27


❀ orignally posted on quotev.  

❀ username: dxndalions / chelsea 

❀ warning, there are bad words and might mention sexual content (maybe)

❀ currently not finished 

❀ male reader insert, but girls can still read it ;)

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Me:For Zen of course
                              Me:Who agrees?
                              Jaehee and the fangirls: *raises hand*
i always see that Haikyuu fan fics are linked to Kuroko no Basuke's
Reading this after it says it's discontinued, I hope I don't like it too much.😭😭
why you gotta hit me with all these feels author-san, it's the first chapter and i'm sad this isn't a murasaibara x male!reader
Do you know what,
                              I'm making the names the exact same because at one point I'm going to use the wrong name and freak out trying to figure out who is talking, and naihabfkaonfbrv 
                              I just finished a yuri on ice story sooo
Yo trash-can 
                              (If you get this reference I will love you more than sweatshirts)