Three wild rogues

Three wild rogues

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Me and my friends let out the most unimpressed sigh ever.

"You can't do this" Lauren argued.

"Mate I can do as I'm please I'm Alpha. Your girls are coming with us" Dane demanded.

How does he think he is, queen Sheba.

"Like hell are we" Freya spat. Go girl.

"Don't make this harder then it has to be" pleaded Cole.

"Are you the quiet one or something" Wess cautioned. 

Lauren and Freya laugh.

Get ready to run girls, I spoke through our link.

I step forward to my mate trying to avoid his charm. Difficult thing to do, the dude was stunning.

"Actions speaks louder than words, so..." As I finish my statement I found myself.....

Read the book to see what happens.

When Three friends that look like normal teenagers travel to America. They were turned rogue and escaped there last pack. Lauren woods, Freya Omini and Estelle McBride found them selves parting until they drop. Living by there rules and not giving a damn until they stumble across there mates.

Dane the alpha of crescent moon pack was confronting three she wolfs. That were  alone and causing problems on his land. When he confronts these girls it is discovered that his mate is one on them. Along with his brothers and beta. His brother is Cole and beta is Wess, all so proud to finally have there mates. However there possessiveness and control kicked in straight away like any normal male wolves.

The girls are basically kidnapped but they don't mind?

They still want to travel and have reasons for that, however will the guys know the reasons? 

When a certain some one makes an appearance they are made to fight and defend. This is the way of the fates. 

Will the girls fight or will they run????

These rebels have partying in there blood and wildness in there veins. Read and discover the journey of three friends decisions and thoughts as they are revealed to a whole new world.

  • friendship
  • mates
  • parties
  • possessive
  • rebel
  • ronance
  • secrets
  • travel
  • twists
  • werewolves
MiniMouseChick MiniMouseChick Mar 18, 2017
Well of course your gonna died cuz you kissed someone's mate IN FRONT OF THEM 😂