Let Me Break You {Kanato x reader}

Let Me Break You {Kanato x reader}

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•Trash for Pokemon• By TheSenpaiStalker Updated 6 days ago

When a 16 year old girl named (Y/N) moves in with the Sakamaki brothers, she takes a big interest in Kanato. She loves his adorable big eyes, his teddy bear, and his beautiful purple hair. But, with Kanato's eccentric personality and psychotic behaviour, (Y/N) wonders if Kanato will be able to take an interest in her as well and not like her for just her blood. 

But, when (Y/N) gets to know Kanato Sakamaki little more, she realizes that he has deep secrets about his life that she doesn't know about. Will (Y/N) be able to uncover these secrets and show her love towards him? Or will she let the the purple haired vamp decide her horrifying fate?

(This book may start off slow, but it gets better, trust me.) 

⚠️I do not own Diabolik Lovers or any of the pictures you see in this book⚠️

TheStarSanes TheStarSanes Nov 27, 2016
Your Not Alone My Human Friend XD I Barley know anything about This anime myself XD
how could you not be I'm still thinking about a random guy that held the door open for me but I'm a hoe so that may be the reason
TheStarSanes TheStarSanes Nov 27, 2016
OH this is AllieSaurusRex20 this an Account used by 2 of my friends and Myself
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Sorry my baby Ayato but I'm reading about my other baby right now and I belong to him! >W<