Let Me Break You {Kanato x reader}

Let Me Break You {Kanato x reader}

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When a 16 year old girl named (Y/N) moves in with the Sakamaki brothers, she takes a big interest in Kanato. She loves his adorable big eyes, his teddy bear, and his beautiful purple hair. But, with Kanato's eccentric personality and psychotic behaviour, (Y/N) wonders if Kanato will be able to take an interest in her as well and not like her for just her blood. 

But, when (Y/N) gets to know Kanato Sakamaki little more, she realizes that he has deep secrets about his life that she doesn't know about. Will (Y/N) be able to uncover these secrets and show her love towards him? Or will she let the the purple haired vamp decide her horrifying fate?


Cover made by me ^_^

(This book may start off slow, but it gets better, trust me.) 

⚠️I do not own Diabolik Lovers or any of the pictures you see in this book⚠️

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My definition of nice is different from your definition of nice
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Your Not Alone My Human Friend XD I Barley know anything about This anime myself XD
how could you not be I'm still thinking about a random guy that held the door open for me but I'm a hoe so that may be the reason
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OH this is AllieSaurusRex20 this an Account used by 2 of my friends and Myself
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I can't be the only one who thinks Sakamaki sounds like sock a monkey
Reiji = Sebastion Michealis / Kyoya Ootori and Clayd Faustus' son but a vampire and not a demon