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On Broken Wings

On Broken Wings

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Yobshabob By yobshabob Updated Jan 11

Sang Sorensen is a bright and talented seventeen year old ballerina who has finally had enough. She's barely survived the last year at Ashley Waters High, and when the abuse, both at school and at home, comes to a head, she does the only thing she can think of...she runs. 

*This is a Ghost Bird fan fiction based on the characters created by C.L. Stone. After the first bit, the story is purely from my imagination. 

******Author's Note~PLEASE READ****** There are a few scenes of a graphic nature in this book, so please be aware that some of the things I write about may make you uncomfortable. Thank you.

megger_marie megger_marie Sep 02, 2016
2 for 1 Semi truck vs Pedestrian has their name written all over it!
NeverSt0pReading NeverSt0pReading Sep 02, 2016
That was an intense chapter! I hope she sees a doctor (hopefully my favourite one) soon. I am glad that Marie helped her and she is out of the house. McCoy deserves to be shot (not somewhere it would kill him straight away but somewhere it would hurt and take a long time for him to die.)
ErinWalker9 ErinWalker9 Sep 02, 2016
I don't have enough words for 'angry' to describe what I'm feeling towards McCoy right now.
LoveAshleyNicole LoveAshleyNicole Oct 15, 2016
Thank god Marie isn't a b*tch in this one or I might have choke slammed her scrawny butt. Lol
CandiceHall5 CandiceHall5 Sep 04, 2016
I'm glad that Marie isn't such a bitch in your story. It's almost like she actually cares.
K_Williams1 K_Williams1 Sep 05, 2016
It's hard when there's no one there for you.  At least with her running away, she hopefully won't have to deal with McCoy anymore.  Someone really needs to take care of him, because I'm sure that he has done it to other girls also.