On Broken Wings

On Broken Wings

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Yobshabob By yobshabob Updated Oct 07, 2017

Sang Sorensen is a bright and talented seventeen year old ballerina who has finally had enough. She's barely survived the last year at Ashley Waters High, and when the abuse, both at school and at home, comes to a head, she does the only thing she can think of...she runs. 

*This is a Ghost Bird fan fiction based on the characters created by C.L. Stone. After the first bit, the story is purely from my imagination. 

******Author's Note~PLEASE READ****** There are a few scenes of a graphic nature in this book, so please be aware that some of the things I write about may make you uncomfortable. Thank you. There may be triggers in this story for you, but I dishonor the struggle to overcome if I gloss them over.

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9CorazonesOcultos 9CorazonesOcultos Apr 13, 2017
😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬 I’m about to Hulk out on this disgusting thing. Honestly, the nerve of him. It’s things like him (or it, whichever) that make me wanna not socialize with others. Ugh 😑.
DoeAndOtter DoeAndOtter Mar 12, 2017
Sometimes you just know someone is wrong I call it my creeper radar
miminnee_ miminnee_ Mar 11
Oh my god:’ did he actually raped her? Like seriously? Oh my god
macbae macbae Jul 29, 2017
please add a specific rape trigger warning, if not in the book description then in the opening of the chapter. there are levels of uncomfortable but this moves into trigger territory
Oh god! I hate McCoy! Why! But I'm proud of Marie for  encouraging Sang