The Rogue's Love

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Paige By papez123 Completed
Tikoto Raikou is sick of the village life. Once housed in The Leaf Village, now a rogue. She meets a very interesting bunch along her journey, and they just so happened to be exactly what she was looking for. The Akatsuki. Whilst having dangerous fun with her newly found friends, she takes a special liking to the Red-headed puppet.
    Confused about things, she tries to work things through in her head. Whilstfully hoping he feels the same.
    She's forced to face her feelings when she goes on a mission with Sasori and Deidara to The Sand Village. How could things ever work out, when everywhere they go, people are out to kill them at all costs?
So Deidara lives up to his 'nickname' feminine man....... His personality is kinda disturbing though...... Oh well!
I read this a longg time ago back when I had my first account on wattpad, and I loved it then. I'm reading it again and being a fan girl all over again! I really do enjoy this story.
Dei Dei she isn't a puppy and no I bet sasori-chan won't let you...
I'm into guys taking how shirts but you have no idea what I'm thinking;)
A little Out-Of-Character for Deidara, and somewhat Sasori, but it's interesting enough.
-_- hmmm its ok for my sister t blush but my brother is blushing hard too there face is like this >/////<