Dangerous Women (Ppgz x Rrbz AU)

Dangerous Women (Ppgz x Rrbz AU)

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× Mary Jo × By MaryJoeycoco Updated Feb 26

"Don't let them trick you, they use the blonde for looks, then the black head will knock you out, with the red head planning out your whole death. Don't let them make you think their good girls,  their nothing like that. They enjoy killing, they enjoy seeing you in pain, they enjoy everything that you will hate. If you see the gang, the dangerous women, run because if you don't then you have no hope."


After everything that people put them through, everything that they hated the girls couldn't stand it. They was tired of being bullied, tired of seeing other people get hurt. They wanted to do something, so they did. 

But their always two people that sees them differently, but whenever they keep three cops captive, they see that the three killers are humans with bad past. But can they do their job without falling in love in with the killers?

Hitsuka_Matsuri Hitsuka_Matsuri Dec 02, 2016
Its either they are too dumb to see they are too good.
                              Or they are just blinded by justice that doesnt make sense.
Um........it sounds like Nagisa from Assassination Classroom....isn't it????
AnimeDorkX123 AnimeDorkX123 Dec 26, 2016
I can't blame the girls  their  good heard but was put on the wrong path its ...its .....its ....its ....... My head hertz 😵
Kurumi_Tokisaki246 Kurumi_Tokisaki246 Sep 06, 2016
They were the exact opposite. If you just stopped and observed more of the girls, lord knows you would have a different opinion.
Ruby1pinkpuffzz Ruby1pinkpuffzz Aug 14, 2016
Where is the boy going?! He just ran off but to where and by himself.
oOPiggyPotatoOo oOPiggyPotatoOo Oct 16, 2016
Use ur brains, there is a reason why u guys born with brains.....or is ur brain small?