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Book Covers

Book Covers

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snoopyANDwoodstick_ By snoopyANDwoodstick_ Updated Apr 19

Book Covers.

A girl finds a dog digging threw her trash, what will happen when the owner finds her walking the dog?
                              [mild smut, 
                              small age gap]
Aspen,a sixteen year old girl having Faith in her family.Hoping her father will change from his evil ways.
Title: Whispers
                              Author: Gabriela Rodriguez
                              Genre: Adventure
                              Summary: A girl finds out she's an animal whisperer.
                              Quote: It's better to know the truth then to know half of it.
                              Suggestions: A girl staring at the sky?
(Im not gonna do the description cuz im lazy) Faith is a nerd and josh, the bad boy lieks her
aloha_pop aloha_pop 11 hours ago
title: Perfidious
                              author: aloha_pop
                              genre: drama
                              quote: "When i came back home i didnt think my brother would be a teen wolf."
                              summary: In which Scott's older sister comes back to Beacon Hills to find her brother is a werewolf
                              suggestions: maybe Marie Avgeropoulos on the cover
Hi can you make a cover for me? pretty please ;)
                              Title: A missing piece
                              Author: Mavic_Melchez
                              Genre: Teen Fiction,Adventure
                              Mood: Rock star, quite, mysterious, carefree
                              Picture: (Mirror into pieces with a girl's face) / (A girl walking somewhere)
                              I'll really appreciate it :* thanks a lot