Supernatural || reader x Dean x Sam

Supernatural || reader x Dean x Sam

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An actual description lads:
The reader was born into the hunter life, which usually results in some supernatural deaths, so you either live long enough to retire or make a deal before you die. 

The readers killed her parents after a demon possessed her body and caused her family to make a deal with a crossroads demon. Their lives for their daughter to stay untouched for ten years. 

Things happen, people grow up, and with time they forget. Although in hell, after being dragged down by hellhounds when the deal ended, a certain someone makes a deal with the reader. Unknowing of the angel grace left behind from the archangel that really took over her body the night her parents where brutally massacred. 

One things leads to another and before you know it you're half archangel, tied in a love triangle with the two most chaotic men on earth, serving as Lucifer's personal bitch. Life truly has a way of dealing with peoples lives.

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IAmOneHellOfAFangirl IAmOneHellOfAFangirl Dec 31, 2017
The first thing I thought was "gay. This is gay." It's fun being bi! No one gets confused when you automatically think that something is gay!
Sweetie I've kicked Crowley off the throne cause it's my seat now
classicrock103 classicrock103 Oct 14, 2017
Lol i am laughig so hard right now i am trying to hold in my laughter, my patents are in another room
SydZephyr SydZephyr Oct 15, 2016
Ok I'm sorry but do you mean Diner? Cause this is really bothering me