Could It Be (twincest boyxboy)

Could It Be (twincest boyxboy)

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Phylli Cheese By phyllisryan Updated Aug 04, 2015

I hope this becomes popular like my last twincest Brothers. Anyways here is the first chapter. Warning this book has:sexual contact, drugs, Alcohol, and abuse. if you don't like where this is going I would like you to click that back button and move on with your life. To those who stayed Welcome to Could It Be. Yes the twins names are Sam and Dean but not cause of supernatural!


I grabbed on to my older twin as my father and mother fought in the living room. Shaking on my bed as my brother hold me close. I hear stuff being thrown like glass and DVDs.

My parents aren't best as you can tell. They fight a lot of fist fights and sometimes my dad gets to drunk and he comes and beat on Dean and I.

I guess tonight was one of those nights. The door was kicked down by my father. I grabbed on to Dean and he looked at my drunk father.

"Bring it asshole!" Dean yelled getting up and jumping in front of me.

Ever since a month ago when I got kidnapped and raped. My father picked up on drin...

Aww. I wish I had something like this. I cry. I sit in the bathroom and read Wattpad. I'm sad. Tmi? Idgaf anymore. This got emotional real quick. Sorry. Enjoy your day or night.
First impressions are good, but would be better if you took some time to edit.
isumi828 isumi828 Nov 13
This is really going to be hard to not imagine Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles for this story.
I love supernatural soo much and Sam is my fav character and congrats on the boyfriend thing also make more chapters
DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf Nov 24, 2015
turtleempress turtleempress Oct 09, 2015
HOLD ON... There's a past tense to the word speak? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THAT?!?!?!