Let's go home - Joker X Harley

Let's go home - Joker X Harley

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aka: Naomi By darksideoftheme Updated Aug 29

What happens after The Joker courageously breaks into Arkham asylum to rescue his beloved Harley Quinn?

Well, no one knows for sure of course. But one can imagine...


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NOTE: I am back !! With my next fanfic. I know I haven't finished reylo but I simply cannot at the moment. I will try and get back to it soon though!

I gotta say i respect the fact that u included different sides of their relationship. LOVE IT!
The fact that I just went 'aww' makes me think about what I'm actually doing with life
smoldraco smoldraco Aug 13
and im okay with that because their relationship in the movie was adorable lolol
oml i love this! you have harley and joker SPOT ON. I love the bloody letters, XD I'm a dark person.
I've never seen Suicide Squad and I don't understand--YET why people ship them. Do they have some past? And I'm a multi shipper. I have seen a few Tumblr posts about this OTP and am nearing to shipping it. This story is written well, and I'm enjoying it so far!
The fact that I find this incredibly adorable and romantic makes me worry about my mental state