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My Sweetest /Frank Iero x Reader\ (COMPLETED)

My Sweetest /Frank Iero x Reader\ (COMPLETED)

7K Reads 312 Votes 15 Part Story
🌸Gwendolyn Rose 🌸 By Nearly_Fangirls Completed

For all you girls (or boys ;)) who can't actually be with Frank...So grab some popcorn and use the bathroom, this is gonna be a loooooong story. Little note: Please don't attack me Frank (if you read this) I love you :)

ShutterPsyco ShutterPsyco Oct 19, 2016
For some reason I'm pretty sure if that happened I'd pepper spray the poor guy without knowing...
wowcancer wowcancer Nov 18, 2016
Kitten noir, when it grows up I'm gonna name it cat noir , ( miraculous ladybug reference)
My dad makes me carry this alarm thing around with me so that is anything 'happens' I can press the button thing and an alarm will sound 
                              Why dad
Uradickface Uradickface Sep 11, 2016
Just my luck tho. And when you said cleaning supplies I immediately thought YAYY BLEACH
how_i_disappear how_i_disappear Dec 05, 2016
1. Which mcr shirt I have three 2. I'd also bring my knife (not a pocket knife I could honestly stab someone with it)
ThatPhantho ThatPhantho Jan 10
She doesn't care that Frank gave her vip passes she just cares about going to the bathroom