Unfair (Haikyuu X Male!Reader)

Unfair (Haikyuu X Male!Reader)

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DETROIT SMASH By Makkuchi Updated Aug 02

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//Not a OneShots Book//


"You know what's unfair? 
How charming he is, how oblivious he is, how he can make anyone fall in love with him without even trying to and lastly.. how cute he can be."

M/N, an American boy that debuted as a Japanese speaking idol at the age of 12 .. will now spend his first year of high school at Karasuno high thanks to his father.
Sent there to take a pause from his idol career he is now the assistant coach for the male volleyball team.

The question is.. what will happen during this year?

Am I had at grammar or what

I'd rather be scrolling through KPop memes 
                              T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H
                              She ruined my life, bro...
                              Now every time someone who knows this sees me, they call me "Nico Nico Nii" because of my name! ;
The real Pokémon games are better. Especially the old ones!
To be honest, my ring tone would be 'My whole family', so in the middle of class everyone would just hear "My whole family thinks on gay!"
I mostly scream about being proud of my gay children but okay-
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I am literally crying at the thought that we just stood up grew wings & flew away