Individual Roleplay

Individual Roleplay

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namjoonie🎨 By foreverweareyoung-- Updated May 03

~Come and join the fun. 

~You can roleplay with the OCs I make here!

~All you have to do is follow the rules and you're ready for roleplaying!


Mason Robertson
                              15 to 18
                              Kind and nerdy, frightened of girls
                              Other: He likes animals
                              Password: Cats
Name: Selena
                              Age: depends on rp but will either be a year younger or the same age
                              Gender: female
                              Species: human
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Appearance: profile pic
                              Personality: upbeat, bright, bold, can be tough when needed but also sweet
                              Other: loves to sing
                              Password: and dogs! xD
chuinque chuinque May 13
Hey, would you like to do this one again? I get you're studying and all,..But I really just need something new to get my mind off of things.
TheOneTaco TheOneTaco May 26
(May I do Scenario 2 please? And for this RP, Marianne will be 17.)
(Hello? It's me. I was wondering if I could rp? Scenario 1? Wow I can't believe I just did that)