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Individual Roleplay

Individual Roleplay

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Agust D' By an_upsidedown_memory Updated 4 days ago

~Come and join the fun. 

~You can roleplay with the OCs I make here!

~All you have to do is follow the rules and you're ready for roleplaying!


Nicholas8571 Nicholas8571 3 days ago
Name: Kaleb Newcrane 
                              Gender: Male
                              age: 19
                              Species: Meta-Human
                              Looks: Black eyes, Jet black hair, with medium toned skin
                              Outfit: A black denim jacket, with navy blue denim jeans. Black vans
                              Personality: He's a quite young man, but has a bubbly personality deep inside
                              Backstory: None
                              Job: Waiter
Ghastly-Noodle Ghastly-Noodle 4 hours ago
???Me too honestly. Like i can romance it up a little but like more than that is a nO
Ella Grace Way
                              Looks, Long Black Hair, Piercing blue eyes, 4'0
                              Personality: Stubborn, Weak, Strong hearted, Emotional
                              Backstory: She's Gerard Ways Daughter, Her mother died, She's Very Depressed, She self harms, She can Cry Easily
                              Job: Hot Topic
jamaypatrizzi22 jamaypatrizzi22 a day ago
Clover Card
                              She has short green hair and gold eyes. Normally in a sweatshirt and jeans
                              Cuddlly, nice, has a sharp tongue
                              She was born into a family of fighters. And has markings on her arm of card symbols. That can mark you if you lose a fight to her
                              Works at a small café
OfALoner OfALoner Feb 23
(Hello? It's me. I was wondering if I could rp? Scenario 1? Wow I can't believe I just did that)
AJQueen6 AJQueen6 Jan 19
May I 1?
                              Ana noticed that he waved, she waved back and smiled softly