My Hero Academia | Izuku X Reader X Katsuki

My Hero Academia | Izuku X Reader X Katsuki

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Ð R A G ㊉ N By NinDRAGON Updated Dec 29, 2017

(Name) didn't have friends, until she helped Izuku Midoriya out from his well know bully, Katsuki Bakugo. 

As days go by, she couldn't help but cause Izuku and Katsuki to fall in love with her. 

Her quirk is unkown. Her quirk is unstable, which is caused by her unkown feelings. 

What caused her to be like this? And how does All Might tie to it all?

Under editing. Slow updates.

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Reader Chan’s new name is 
                              Young Savage PhD
                              Lolol that’s my nickname
Bakugoshoes Bakugoshoes Dec 07, 2017
Well damn. Should've took the the tissue out while you had the chance 😂
SocietyAllergic SocietyAllergic Jul 06, 2017
Imagine him punching Bakagou because he thought he was pervert
otakuwithinternet otakuwithinternet Sep 07, 2017
REACH YOUR GOAL BRO! I'd love to see Bakugou reach his dream over Izuku (I know Bakugou's a bit of a bully, but I feel like Bakugou deserves it more than Izuku)
TheShippinQueen TheShippinQueen Dec 25, 2017
I'm pretty sure his mom always says he's a ungrateful little brat--
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Jul 11, 2017
WE SMASHED IT! (Oh gosh, I wish my band classmates did wattpad because only they would get it...)