Mr. Alpha I have a question: What's a MATE?!

Mr. Alpha I have a question: What's a MATE?!

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Kat By kmw1113 Updated Oct 27, 2014

I ran as fast as my short legs could take me. My feet slamming the tiles as I ran for my only safe place in this hell known as high school. I had gotten a head start so I think I'll make it. My hand flew to the handle, opening the door quickly while stumbling in, banging the door closed and leaning against it in relief. If you're wondering where I am, I am currently in the only teacher's that doesn't sell me out to my tormentors room. AP Calculus is the only safe place I have in this place. The teacher, Mr. Beginus, is like the father I never had. He knew about all the bullying I receive, and he listens to me and comforts me when I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown. Once I calm my racing heart, I start moving towards my seat.

"Sorry, Mr. Beginus. They were at it again. Can I finish lunch in here since this is my next class?" No answer. That's weird. I look at the front of the classroom, only to see the sexiest man I've ever seen. He smiled at me, causing my breath to hitch in my throat.

"Hello, I'm your new Calculus teacher, Mr. Bianchi." That Italian accent is going to be REALLY hard to ignore.

Kate Fedelis has been abused all her life. Her parents died when she was young, leaving her to go from foster home to foster home when finally, a hard working woman adopts her, wanting a lackey to do all the house work for free while she's away.

She's the schools nerd, the smartest student there. Not to mention she's the only non-werewolf. Constantly bullied and pummeled, her only friend is her AP Calculus teacher, an old, kind man that is almost like a father to her. But what happens when her only friend has to take a break from teaching, and a new, hot and sexy teacher replaces him? And he takes a strong liking to her. Oh, let's not forget that he's a werewolf, an alpha to be exact, and she is his mate. Will his authority put a stop to the bullying? Can he show her that love does exist?

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Dallyislife Dallyislife Jan 16
                              California 🌴🌞
                              10:45 am 
                              Tuesday, January 16, 2018 
                              Ooh I'm so ready. 😅
StefLena StefLena Aug 11, 2017
If she is 5.7 she does not have shot legs, and I 'm sure she is not ugly...
Dallyislife Dallyislife Jan 16
Alex_Eve Alex_Eve Feb 07, 2016
Ohhhh perhaps she is of another spieces of the supernatural creatures*smiles wickedly*
GoldenLuc GoldenLuc Nov 30, 2013
Seems like a nice book. 
                              I'm a little confused on parts, I mean if she is not a Werewolf and they think she is human how come she knows about Werewolves, it usually is a secret after all. So how come?
GoldenLuc GoldenLuc Nov 30, 2013
Call me crazy but I've stumbled across your profile twice already and just felt like reading your book cuz I somehow always end up here, well it sounds interesting. 
                              Lets see :D