You've to go through me first! [ A Sting & Lucy story ]

You've to go through me first! [ A Sting & Lucy story ]

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eddytuxedo95 By eddytuxedo95 Updated Aug 13, 2017

Sypnosis and pairing edited! 

This is a story of how the twins from the prestigious Heartfilia family became orphans in just a day.

Caught between the greediness and evil intentions masked by a warm smile, Sting and Lucy Heartfilia were forced to make a life-changing decision and live a life they never imagine living before.

From then on, Sting made a vow to never let anyone or anything hurt him or his sister anymore.

One day, an unexpected encounter with unexpected companions changed their lives.

After 13 years, the 20-year-old twins who are now mages ; along with Sting's best friend Rogue, finally found a place that they could call home.

What will happen to the two siblings after that? 

As an older brother, what would Sting do when he has to face a situation where his sister Lucy is suddenly being hit on by boys and is also stalked by some persistent ones without her even knowing it?

Stuck with the responsibilities left by their parents and with problems aside from boys problem starting to appear, only one thought crossed his mind ....

'Hmphh! They've to go through me first!'

Main Pairing : Graylu or Rolu 


Hello guys, sooo this is my first fanfiction and I don't even know if anyone would read it. Hahaha. I'm just experimenting here. 

The adorable cover picture is not mine and credit to the owner, which I believed is Yukihino-chan. 

I hope you'll enjoy it.

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