Simple (Miniminter FF) Reader x Simon

Simple (Miniminter FF) Reader x Simon

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Yaz By Miniminterfandom Updated May 12

A simple reader x miniminter fanfiction.  Reader and Simon go through a bunch of cute and adorable events together, (not a lot of major drama). 

Tried to make it as realistic as possible, if you have any suggestions don't be afraid to message me! xx

Update: hopefully Every few days but at least twice a week! If not I'll make sure to let chapters out every weekend!

emokid_0901 emokid_0901 Jul 28
Thats something i would say to my friends except we would be playing video games amd watching ahs and then rob zombie movies
emokid_0901 emokid_0901 Jul 28
Lol im a metal head and my hair is naturally curly and my eyebrows have that shape every girl loves and i dont need to fill them in 😂😂
wroetoben wroetoben Aug 20, 2016
Omg when it said choose Netflix show that's the show I chose😂
KendalldotHam KendalldotHam Dec 11, 2016
Fleur Lecour? (I don't know if that's how you spell her name) it's Harry Potter
how did he know my name????? i didn't give it to him????????
Meowlnir Meowlnir Sep 12, 2016
Not even half way through the second chapter and I already want a Leo