Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny

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*Highest Ranking #2 in Adventure*

To be a warrior is what she wanted. Determination and hard work result in her being sent to to the castle to train her fight skills.

Time passes by and everybody in the kingdom grows to love her. 

But soon her life flips around when secrets unveil themselves and she discovers that she is the lost Princess of the Great North.

She's now on a mission to find the witch who once separated her from her family and prevent her from causing any more harm to the kingdom or even completely destroying it.


 ©Vanessa Canitha
(c o v e r b y m e)

Chicy14 Chicy14 6 days ago
Good job Author-Chan! Just do your best. I'm super excited about your work!
Your english is pretty good :) English is also not my original language :) I can't wait to read more of the chapters!
This is amazing writing so far, ah I can't wait to read this book :3
astroblem astroblem Jul 12
I love how you elaborate the details, and allow the readers to envision and be able to place ourselves into the shoes of the characters.
yariel0313 yariel0313 Jul 07
I will add this book to my library. The prologue sound awesome.
                              This book would help me improve my English :)
Oh my, this story is exciting and is indeed interesting. Gonna try to read this one