Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny

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⚓NeSsa⚓ By Nessasary_ Updated 2 days ago

To be a warrior is what she wanted. Determination and hard work result in her being sent to to the castle to train her fight skills.

Time passes by and everybody in the kingdom grows to love her. 

But soon her life flips around when secrets unveil themselves and she discovers that she is the lost Princess of the Great North.

She's now on a mission to find the witch who once separated her from her family and prevent her from causing any more harm to the kingdom or even completely destroying it.


*WrittenInAction yearly contest winning*

(An adventure-fantasy with a twist of historical book)
[c o v e r b y m e]

NightSaki NightSaki 2 days ago
This was only the summary? Wow I can really learn a lot from you!
bookmy57 bookmy57 5 days ago
Superb writings and amazing way of expression with perfect words ! Thanks for sharing this & keep sharing such amazing post !
Haha sounds amazing! I am definitely hooked! Only that if I were you I would try to cut this paragraph up since it's really long! Other wise it's quite beautiful writing😊
Very good start, I already like where this is going. As for the English you're doing very good. 😀 Keep it up girl.
No worries! It's impressive you have learned a second language! And English is the hardest one!!!
No worries! I speak English and I STILL have difficulties writing well.