Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny

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⚓NeSsa⚓ By Nessasary_ Updated Jan 06

Willow is a brave girl and who wanted to be a warrior unlike the other girls in her village. Determination and hard work result in her being sent to to the castle to train her fight skills.

Time passes by and everybody in the kingdom grows to love her. 

But soon her life flips around when secrets unveil themselves and she discovers that she is the lost Princess of the Great North.

She's now on a mission to find the witch who once separated her from her family and prevent her from causing any more harm to the kingdom or even completely destroying it.

(An adventure-historical book)

No worries! It's impressive you have learned a second language! And English is the hardest one!!!
thehiddenblackpearl thehiddenblackpearl Nov 15, 2016
A very interesting prologue. And archery was a very interesting choice. It's my favourite.
WrittenByHomai WrittenByHomai Dec 02, 2016
I also have bad grammar, so I always overlook grammar mistakes. I'll be looking forward to reading and judging the /content/ of the book, and not the English 😃😉
Hissince2013 Hissince2013 Dec 25, 2016
Wow. First stanza and your wrote very well. I'm already sucked in. 😊
PrintedFeet PrintedFeet Dec 24, 2016
I love the excerpt! Congratulations on your high ranking in Adventure!
TchanTheUnicorn TchanTheUnicorn Dec 17, 2016
Ok so I originally clicked on this because my name is Teresa but this sounds really interesting, can't wait to check it out