Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny

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Teresa Willows. A seventeen year old girl who was born with outstanding courage and was one of the bravest girls ever known. She entered one of the top fighting schools in the country. The Silver Arrows School Of Combat. A place where finding girls was virtually impossible. 

She was trained by the best. She learned how to fight, learning amazing techniques as she went. She was taught how to defend, quickly becoming the best in the school. And most importantly, she learnt how to shoot. Not a gun, she learnt how to use a bow and arrow, also known as archery. She was the best of the best, you were lucky if you got to fight her. And even then, she was just too good. She was impossible to beat. Her life was perfectly normal. Fight, train, sleep, repeat. All day every day. Until one day, that schedule was interrupted. Interrupted for a much busier one.

It all started with an attack. Then a gorgeous stranger that appeared out of nowhere. Add on a life changing journey that was only possible for her, a fight to the death for freedom, and then you get her story. Her Destiny.

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greatbookz greatbookz Oct 16
This sounds like the movie "The Huntsman" a bit and since I loved that movie, I'll probably love this just as much!!
A very interesting prologue. And archery was a very interesting choice. It's my favourite.
- - Oct 15
I love this introduction! It's quite intriguing and I love how you explained the main character! 🙂
kathiel12 kathiel12 Sep 29
Wow Teresa reminds me of Katniss, she can fight!  I kind of figured out it was a bow because of the cover.  Good summary though, I like it.  I bet she must feel weird since she's a girl and there are only few girls at her school.  Nice.
apisgirl apisgirl Oct 10
English is a silly language that makes rules only to break them. As long as it's easy to understand what you're saying: that's the most important thing.
Heatheranno Heatheranno Sep 30
Teresa Willows sound very intriguing and makes me eager to keep reading!