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Ashley By emanresu88 Completed

"What is it about you, Kira?" Oliver asked, more to himself than me, in a whisper.

I could hardly breathe with him being so close and my heart was pounding almost painfully hard.

"I don't know what you mean." I answered in an out of breathe manner, though I believed he was feeling the same as me. I wished I didn't have these crazy attraction and affectionate feelings for him, but I did; there was no controlling them, so I supposed I was just in for a long ride, one that would certainly lead to heartbreak.

However, just because I knew the inevitable, I wasn't going to fight how I felt about him.
Love may be rough for most people, but it's even harder when you fall for someone you can never be with.

Kira is a 16 year old human slave that has been living with a vampire named Sam for many years. When a war breaks out and Sam is sent to a vampire clan on the other side of the continent, Kira is forced to move in with Sam's older brother Oliver.

Oliver is the leader of the vampires of the Ibitario Clan. He's powerful and gorgeous, but more importantly, he's cruel and heartless.

With two opposite personalities, will Kira and Oliver ever be able work out their difficulties, or will it be a lost cause?

  • confusion
  • elven
  • hot
  • love
KeepCalmParadox KeepCalmParadox Mar 29, 2017
What is with all these protagonists waking up or dressing up in the first paragraph? Cliché
gigi219 gigi219 Dec 01, 2017
                              * rips a piece of wood from the stair case*
                              * drives it into his chest*
                              *runs away*
starsneverstop starsneverstop Jul 06, 2017
I love this book sooo much!! This is the fourth time I'm reading it ❤ I'd call that a job well done!
suspiciousbaby suspiciousbaby May 21, 2016
Oh yeah! the kitchen is around the corner....why you looking at me like that?
Giselleok Giselleok Sep 26, 2016
I want to call you out so bad but I won't for the sake of first time readers
sienna_wall62 sienna_wall62 Oct 27, 2016
Is it just me or does anyone else have difficulty looking people in the eyes. It's hard for me and I always have to shift from one eye to the other