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Let's Role play

Let's Role play

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Ice~chan By icewolf6776 Updated Feb 17

This book has mature content so if you're sensitive to that please do not go on this but this book has a whole bunch of role play ideas so if you like roleplaying  you have a lot of choices to pick from a whole bunch of chapters are about shipping but some of them have undertale and things like that  but i dont do huge youtubbers X you guys i Just don't like it no offense i hope you like this book.  \(^O^)/. Ice~chan

Question: You accept any other ship with Mark or Jack not being Septiplier? (My english is bad)
Septiplier_Alex_ Septiplier_Alex_ Sep 10, 2016
Is my wattpad moufunctioning or are there no comments on her, cus I'll do some undertale rp
Mirraj_Emertt Mirraj_Emertt Sep 29, 2016
Hey, what are the requirements? Do I have to use cannon characters or can I use my Oc?